Is Buddhism a religion or is it a form of atheism?

Is Buddhism a religion or is it just a philosophy or feel-good life coaching system that anyone can use in any way via cultural appropriation?

In a bid to culturally appropriate and dilute the 2600 Year old heritage of Asia, many Western Buddhists (Whitesplaining Buddhists) have started a propaganda campaign that Buddhism is not even a religion but merely a philosophy. Such colonial propaganda is dangerous.

“EVERY SECT & SUTRA OF Buddhism, sans exception, has deities, scriptures, temples, clergy, afterlife, rituals, practices, traditions, saints, miracles and all the trappings of a world religion. Buddhism is defined as a major world religion by every legal & academic authority in the world, sans exception”

Buddhism has always been, is, and will always be a major world religion. It is practiced by close to a billion people worldwide (including China) and in every Buddhist nation, without any exception, it is seen as a Major World Religion. White "Western" Buddhists do NOT have any jurisdiction or authority to arbitrarily decide that 2600 years of Asian heritage is wrong, or that the glorified "White man knows more about Asian culture than Asians".

Undeniably a world religion - but equipped with great philosophy

Buddhism has ALL the trappings and markers of a world religion - with temples, deities, holy texts, saints, scriptures, rules, afterlife, heaven, hells, miracles et all. It MUST be recognized as a world religion to adhere to truth, and to continue to enjoy all of the perks and stature that other major religions like Islam and Christianity enjoy.

To dismiss Buddhism as a "branch of atheism" is an insult to 2600 years of Buddhist heritage, and the practices of the majority of Asians worldwide. It is a diabolical lie meant to dilute and adulterate Buddhism so that it is no longer revered by Asians -- but instead fades into the background while Islam and Christianity become the only religions of choice for most people worldwide. Asians will NOT be lectured to by Whites about Asian religions, customs and practices. And Asians have EVERY right and duty to preserve, practice and promote their own RELIGION i.e.BUDDHISM without having colonialists and Western imperialists spread false propaganda to demean and dilute it. Buddhism is NOT based on the musings of White men, but on the writings of Indian saints as well as great Asian saints, scholars and masters. Buddhism is the religion, culture, heritage and way of life for the majority of Asians worldwide and an integral part of the Asian identity. Westerners are welcome to learn Buddhism but they have NO AUTHORITY to change our scriptures to suit their own secular/atheistic views. Truth matters - especially in a world that thrives on Fake News. EVERY major Buddhist temple from Japan to Sri Lanka - and EVERY major Buddhist sutra will show religious practices including prayer and supplication. Anyone who goes against the temple traditions and the scriptures of Buddhism are NOT BUDDHISTS, let alone authorities on Buddhism, Truth matters. Be authentic and seek authenticity. Satyameva Jayate.