Are Buddhists supposed to proselytize & share their faith?

All of Buddhism was spread by missionaries and Buddhists are COMMANDED to proselytize and preach in EVERY Cardinal sutra

Certain vested interests promote the Fake News that Buddhists are not supposed to promote their faith. This is a hidden agenda to ensure that Buddhism dies out -- for ALL Buddhist texts COMMAND us to promote Buddhism in every way possible.

Buddhism spread through missionary efforts, not warfare.

“Of all world religions, Buddhism is the only religion that spread strictly by missionary monks and without warfare. Buddhism is the first missionary religion and the most effective -- spreading all over the world without armies.”

Buddhists are COMMANDED By Lord Buddha to promote Buddhism in all ways possible and in all directions. From King Ashoka and Kanishka to Prince Shotoku -- Buddhism was spread strictly by missionary zeal. We MUST follow the example of the great Buddhist kings and saints and continue to promote our religion -- the LORD BUDDHA COMMANDS this and it is not negotiable -- no matter what "Western Buddhists" or "secular Buddhists" say!

There is endless merit in promoting Buddhism

In all Cardinal sutras, Buddha COMMANDS us to "read, recite, translate, teach and promote the sutras in all directions". Buddha Himself traveled across India and His disciples traveled across Asia to promote Buddhism to all demographics and peoples. Ashoka too sent missionaries across Asia. Do San Francisco hippies who say "do not promote Buddhism, let the Dharma take care of itself" have more authority than the Buddha and Ashoka???

Promote Buddhism in all directions using Upaya or skillful means

“Go in all directions and promote the Lotus Sutra and Buddha Dharma -- there is no greater merit or cause

Buddhist kings and monks sacrificed everything to promote Buddhism all over the world. In the Lotus Sutra, one of the most powerful episodes is when Buddha's disciples vow to promote Buddhism after Lord Buddha's physical departure. Babasaheb Ambedkar also said his people would sacrifice everything to promote Buddhism and therefore anyone who spreads the Fake News that Buddhists should not promote Buddhism are trojan horses trying to destroy and dilute Buddhism from within.

Follow the sutras and actual teachings and example of Buddha and Buddhist saints -- not hippies and sell-outs that spread Fake News.

This life is precious. Anything worth doing is worth doing well or not at all. If you are a Buddhist, follow the sutra of your sect and promote it in all directions. Do not get distracted by fake lamas or monks or scholars but always follow the Buddhist sutra itself. The ONLY way to know what Buddha taught is to follow His SUTRAS -- not the musings of hippies and "secular atheist wishy washy fashionable Buddhists". Be serious about your Buddhist practice and tradition -- venerate the sutras -- be an authentic Buddhist, not an "anything goes" Buddhist. Be worthy of our ancestors who made great sacrifices to pass on the Saddharma to us, and ensure we pass it on to future generations. Namo Amitabha. Namu Myoho Renge Kyo.