Is Buddhism a branch of Hinduism

While some Hindus revere Buddha, each and every world authority, every court of law, every university, every Buddhist sect of every Buddhist nation, sans any exceptions, is unequivocal that Buddhism is NOT a branch of Hinduism. Truth matters. Satyameva Jayate.

Buddhists welcome Hindus who revere Lord Buddha, keep Buddha statues at home, and are proud of India's Buddhist heritage. However, certain Hindutva propagandists who HATE Buddha and even urge fellow Hindutvas to "Smash Buddha statues like the Taliban" have been spreading fake propaganda to suggest that Buddhism and Hinduism are the same religions and that Buddhist nations are actually Hindu nations. This is a false narrative meant to encroach on the sovereignty of Buddhism and the unique cultural identity of Buddhists.

“No Buddhist temple will ever honor a Hindu text. No Hindu temple will ever honor a Buddhist sutra. Both religions are in no way connected and Buddhists will NEVER identify as Hindu under any circumstances, come what may”

Buddhists are proud of their unique culture, heritage and religion. Buddhism is in no way connected to any other religion and is not a branch of Hinduism. No Buddhist in the world will EVER accept this false narrative that Hindutvas are desperately trying to peddle online.

The writings of ALL sources say Buddhism is NOT Hinduism

From Patanjali and Kalhana to Ambedkar and Huen Tsang -- EACH AND EVERY Buddhist and Hindu source -- throughout history - without exception, has stated that Buddhism is NOT Hinduism. In fact, the Hindu Puranas insult and attack Buddhism in the worst way possible - even calling Buddhists Untouchables and Babasaheb Ambedkar has done copious research on how today's Dalits/Untouchables are the descendants of the original Buddhists of India -- a claim that most scholarship -- including Oxford University - agrees with. Hence, the ridiculous claim that Buddhism is a part of Hinduism is deeply offensive and untrue.

Good relations are based on respecting boundaries. For any dialogue to occur between Hindus and Buddhists, Hindus will have to respect that every Buddhist temple, every court of law, every historian, and every authority MANDATES that Buddhism is NOT Hinduism - both religions are separate, and this is NOT negotiable. The Buddhists of Japan, Korea, China, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Bhutan, or ANY Buddhist nation will NEVER identify as Hindu come what may. Nor will they expect Hindus to identify as Buddhist. Both religions are fully separate. Hindus are free to worship Buddha if they please, but they do not have any grounds to coopt Buddhism as a "branch office of Hinduism". In every business and friendly relationship, boundaries are not to be crossed. The US cannot claim Canada as a part of America, Sanskrit cannot claim Tamil as a branch of Sanskrit - and no Hindu can claim Buddha as a part of Hinduism. To do so would immediately destroy any chances of Buddhist-Hindu dialogue. Each country has its own boundaries -- and so does each religion. No relationship can ever flourish if those involved do not know how to respect boundaries. Amitabha!