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Japanese Buddhist Missionary Bhante Sasai is the leader of the Bahujan Buddhist Movement  in India & personally invited Rev Zenji Nio to lecture with him before millions. 

On behalf of the Royal family of Japan, Ito Michiko embraces Dalit icon Phoolan Devi at Deekshabhumi - where Zenji Nio also lectured on an invitation of the Japanese Sangha & Govt of India

Buddha commands us to serve the marginalized

India's greatest and most revered scholar Babasaheb Ambedkar famously declared "I was born a Hindu but will never die a Hindu". He also urged his supporters to "sacrifice everything to promote Buddhism as a way to emancipate Dalits and Untouchables from the Hindu caste system". As India's close ally, Japan has done more to revive Buddhism in India than any other nation -- from building stupas across the nation including the popular Dragon Temple in Nagpur, to giving a 400 crore donation to preserve the Ajanta caves -- and even placing a Buddhist altar in the Mahabodhi Temple that had been usurped. Most of the holy Buddhist sites in India have the Japanese inscription "Namu Myoho Renge Kyo" as Japanese Buddhists are most active in reviving Buddhism in the land of its birth. Rev. Zenji Nio has been described by Hitavada as "a world renowned expert on Buddhism and a Japanese Buddhist priest who travels the world promoting peace - when he speaks, the world listens". He is thus empowering the Bahujan Dalit Movement by infusing it with Japanese Buddhist ideals and practices.


All Hindus must not be condemned for the caste system as many do seek reform -- and even the Govt of India has outlawed caste discrimination. However, the reason many Hindus do not wish to address or reform the caste system is because caste atrocities against Untouchables have been in vogue for 2000 years as this article by a Vedic scholar explains:

Even Puri Shankaracharya, who is like the Pope to the majority of Hindus, upholds the Hindu caste system and Untouchability. He released several videos to clarify that "Shudras or Lower castes cannot change their lot in life by their actions -- just as a cow cannot do so". Shankarcharya goes on to say that "Lower castes should not be allowed in temples" and "Dalits not allowed" signage is also present in various Hindu temples where Dalits are not allowed to enter. In contrast, in countless doctrines, Buddha denounces the caste system and there is not even 1 sutra out of 84000 Buddhist sutras that levies punishments or atrocities against Untouchables. Furthermore, Buddha clearly proclaims that "He is the Father of ALL beings and ALL are His children. There is no upper caste or lower caste -- He rains His blessings on all equally like a Divine Cloud. Anyone who can master even a few lines of a Buddhist sutra is the highest Acharya -- and shares the platform with the greatest teachers. Anyone of any caste can gain salvation by praying to Buddha, or circumbulating a stupa, or chanting the sutras -- and therefore no priest or Brahmin or upper caste person has any position over any so-called lower-caste person. Buddha goes on to say that just as all rivers merge into the same ocean and lose their identities -- anyone who becomes a Buddhist loses his previous identity, and is merely a member of the Buddhist community. Hence, never has a lower-caste person been denied from joining the Buddhist sangha, or entering any Buddhist temple, anywhere in the world. Buddha even ordained the notorious Angulimala as a monk -- and in his honour, Rev. Zenji Nio was chosen by the Government of Canada to work on reforming criminals in the prison system.

Babasaheb Ambedkar made it clear that Buddhism was the medicine or the antidote to the caste system - as it truly embodies equality, liberty and fraternity. Ambedkar also did careful research to prove that today's Untouchables are actually descendants of the original Buddhists of India. Thus, Buddhists all over the world have a duty to help the Dalits and Untouchables and stand up for their rights and dignity.  A Buddhist must embody the Code of the Bodhisattva and alleviate the suffering of all sentient beings -- and Dalits are the most oppressed of all. Rev. Zenji Nio and his team are thus working to give back to Dalits their very self-esteem and self-identity . Buddhism is not just about meditating in a temple and Virtue signalling - its about fighting the good fight, for those who need our support. However, in addition to our humanitarian service, we also teach authentic Buddhist theories & clarify myths about Buddhism. 

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