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Burned alive
Dalits are often burned alive and tortured in inhuman ways
Tokyo UN
Protests for Dalits in Tokyo at the United Nations
Oxford University
Protests against caste atrocities at Oxford
Brutal gangrapes
Dalits are subjected to the world's most barbaric gang rapes
NatGeo on Caste System
The caste system has been a blot of human rights for centuries
Harvard University
Protests against caste atrocities at Harvard.
Chicago University
Protests against caste atrocities at Chicago U
Time Magazine on Caste
Time Magazine reports on the horrors of the caste system
BBC on Caste
BBC reports on the inhumane caste system
No Dalits allowed
Signs stipulate that Dalits are not allowed in temples in India
Inhuman conditions
Dalits regularly die in sewers in India - unthinkable in civilized nations
Dalits prohibited
Dalits prohibited from entering temples
Manual Scavengers
Dalits forced to clean human faeces without any protective gear
Dalits barred from temples
Signs stipulate No Dalits Allowed
In Sewers
Dalits are forced to work as manual scavengers
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