Which is older - Hinduism or Buddhism?

Scholars and archaeologists reject the Hindutva propaganda that Buddhism grew out of Hinduism but instead point out the oldest art, statuary, inscriptions, temples & manuscripts in India are Buddhist, not Hindu. Every Museum in the world concurs on this fact. Both Buddhism & Jainism are older than Hinduism - Jainism is perhaps the oldest continued tradition in India (as Buddhism died out) and Buddhism continues to be the oldest Indic tradition worldwide -- as it has a major presence in many nations.

While many Indians respect Buddha as the pinnacle of Indic civilization, Hindutva trads or extremists spread fake propaganda that Buddhism is a small branch that grew out of Hinduism. Here is why Buddhists, accredited Indologists, mainstream scholars and museum-affiliated archaeologists reject this false narrative:

Oldest civilization in India is Buddhist, not Hindu.

“The oldest art, statuary, manuscripts, inscriptions, temples and archaeology in India is Buddhist followed by Jain. For almost a 1000 years after the Buddha, there are no traces of any Hindu or Vedic civilization. Satyameva Jayate means TRUTH MATTERS.

Vivekananda, Hinduism's greatest guru of recent times, clarified that less than 1 % of Hindus have even read the Vedas, and 99% of Hindus have no idea of what they proscribe. Vuvekananda further clarified that most Hindus follow the Puranas that were written long after the Buddha. Similarly, Hinduism mostly consists of idol worship and temple rituals and the oldest idols and temples in India are Buddhist, closely followed by Jain. Hindu temples and idols are the most recent of all 3 Indic religions in terms of antiquity. Anyone can simply go to any Indian museum or the Asian section of any museum in the world to confirm that the oldest and most extensive samples of an actual civilization in India are Buddhist, not Hindu. While Buddhists, Jains and Hindus each have their own narratives, none of these religions is a branch of the other -- but all 3 are pillars of India's ancient civilization.

Even IVC is connected more to Buddhism than any other religion

Even the Pakistani experts of the Indus Valley civilization have made it clear that there are NO traces of any Hindu civilization there. The IVC was discovered when a ginormous Buddhist stupa was found in the ruins - and the symbols of a wheel, deers, a shoulder bearing priest and a Bodhi Tree are far more connected with Buddhism than any other religion. Even King Ashoka made offerings and built stupas to Buddhas older than Shakyamuni and EVERY Buddhist sect and sutra of EVERY Buddhist tradition without any exceptions certifies that there were many Buddhas before Prince Gautam Shakya.

Archaeology does not lie, false narratives do

“The Museums of India and National Archives have unanimously certified that the oldest traces of any religion in India are strictly Buddhist (closely followed by Jain) - there are no idols or temples or traces of Vedic civilization preceding Ashoka

The oldest art, statuary, inscriptions, literature, manuscripts, temples et all in India are Buddhist (closely followed by Jain) - and the largest kingdom in Indian history was that of the Buddhist Emperor Ashoka. Further, Buddhism is the ONLY Indian religion that spread all across Asia -- and that too without the sword. Although the Cholas did try to spread Hinduism by war and invasions of various parts of South Asia, no Asian nation recognizes Hinduism as a religion as it is only confined to India and Nepal. To somehow say Buddhism is a small branch of Hinduism is insanity -- when the Buddhist footprint in India, Asia and the world at large is far greater than the Hindu imprint. Indeed, Buddhism was fully eradicated from India -- however, historically the art and archaeological footprint of Buddhism - in terms of antiquity -- is far greater than that of Hinduism - and any visit to any credible museum will prove this. In order to foster mutual respect, Hindus should stop making claims about Buddhism that Buddhists reject.

Hinduism as a branch of Buddhism

Most scholars and accredited Indologists opine that the most appealing aspects of Hinduism were plagiarized from Buddhism and the highest Hindu pope -- Adi Shankaracharya was actually a Prachanna Boudh or plagiarist of Buddhist ideas. Hindutva revisionists are trying to create a laughably fake chronology wherein Shankaracharya lived before the Buddha -- and Ramayana (that mentions the Buddha in a derogatory way) was written 22000 BCE but serious academia of every nation routinely rejects Hindutva revisionism and propaganda. Carbon dating and archaeological specimens are far more credible and substantive than fake Hindutva narratives. ALL MUSEUMS, SANS EXCEPTION, WILL CONFIRM THAT THE OLDEST ART, STATUARY, TEMPLES, IDOLS, MANUSCRIPTS & INSCRIPTIONS FROM THE INDIA ARE BUDDHIST. THERE IS NO CONTEST OR DEBATE ON THIS POINT. Hence, let each tradition respect the truth without promoting fake news and false chronology. Satyameva Jayate.